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The key to Viewpoint Swim’s success


Sela Diab

Viewpoint School’s swim team on their Spring Break trip to Hawaii

Evin Nesburn, Features Editor

With around 60 members participating at junior varsity and varsity levels, swim is one of Viewpoint’s most popular sports. Why is swim such a popular sport, and what makes the Viewpoint experience unique?

Team bonding is a central component of what makes swim so special. The team regularly has bonding events, including dinners and team parties.

“Swim feels more like a family than a team, and ever since I started in freshman year, it’s just been something that I love to be apart of,” Leila Assil (’20) said.

The team has has had success throughout the program’s history. Since their first CIF (California Interscholastic Federation) qualification in 1995, the team has been to CIFs every year since 2007. The girls team won the CIF championship in 2011, while the boys team won the championship in 2010 and 2011. The team has repeatedly made it to League Championships.

“We all cheer each other on and help push each other to do our best in the pool,” Chase Sumpter-Gillyard (’19) said. “It makes competing much more exciting when you are about to start your event and you hear your teammates chanting your name from the other side of the pool. I am sad that it is my last season, but I know that my team will continue to kick butt after I graduate.”

To watch the swim team in action, come to Brentwood School on April 26 to see the team compete in the Gold Coast League Finals.