The Patriot is the student newspaper of Viewpoint School in Calabasas, CA, which regularly publishes content throughout the school year. The Patriot is dedicated to upholding journalism values such as honesty, integrity and the truth. Established in 1995 in print form, the website was launched in February 2019 with hopes of branching out into other media outlets.

The Patriot  Mission Statement

The Patriot  is a student newspaper that is dedicating to informing the Viewpoint community with unbiased truth on news, diverse opinions through opinion pieces, updates on Viewpoint’s various sports teams and clubs, and human interest stories.

The Patriot  serves the student body and the greater school community with integrity and justice, and aims to:

I. Protect First Amendment rights to freedom of speech and promoting the free flow of information.

II. Promote diversity of opinion and opportunity to express such opinions through an organized and distinguished publication.

III. Teach and provide valuable experience to individuals contemplating careers within the realm of journalism.

IV. Inform and communicate with the public so as to promote the existence of a well-informed Viewpoint community.



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