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Staff Writer

Ford Goddard

Ford Goddard is a senior at Viewpoint School. This is his very first year in journalism. Ford loves sports and fashion. You can expect to see many articles about sports, music, or hot fashion drops that are currently trending....

Staff Writer

Angelina Wang

Angelina Wang is a junior at Viewpoint School. As an avid writer, Angelina enjoys journalism and all forms of writing. She is currently working on her third book which is planned to be published within the next two years. As o...

Staff Writer

Asher Akiva

Asher Akiva is a Junior at Viewpoint School. He has been here since 9th grade, and this is his very first year in journalism. Asher loves sports, especially football. You can expect to see many articles about sports, music, o...

Staff Writer

Megan Greenberg

Megan Greenberg is a freshman at Viewpoint School. She has been at the school since kindergarten and is excited to write for the Patriot Newspaper. Megan is an avid Dodgers and USC fan and loves animals, especially her two do...

Co Editor-in-Chief

Lily Brown

Lily Brown is a senior at Viewpoint and loves writing for The Patriot. She enjoys writing about global news stories and adding in her personal opinion when discussing social justice issues. As this is her 3rd consecutive year contri...

Co Editor-In-Chief

Kaila Franzwa-Moody

Kaila Franzwa-Moody is a senior, and Co-Editor-in-Chief of The Patriot. She loves art and writing and has taken creative writing/ journalism courses, as well as studio art courses at the school. Her favorite articles to write...

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