Trump’s allegations of voter fraud in the 2020 election


Image courtesy of AP News

Ella Kramer

As Biden’s electoral votes have surpassed Trump’s in this rollercoaster of an election, the Trump campaign, accompanied by other outraged Republicans, have begun making allegations of voter fraud all over the United States. They claim that the president’s impending loss was caused only by an inconceivable amount of ballot count abuse during the election, causing outroar and polarization among the once ‘united’ states. 

Rather than accepting his defeat, the leader of the free country is making a mockery of not only this nation’s democracy but the values of the one and indivisible nation we pledge to protect as Americans. 

In the past two weeks since election day, the Trump campaign has made six allegations of voter fraud, all of which had no legitimacy. In a desperate effort to delay the counting of ballots, these claims have cost largely in court fees, affected a very small fraction of votes, and been mostly discounted as hearsay. 

After bashing and suing Pennsylvania, Nevada, Michigan, Georgia, Arizona, and Wisconsin on account of voter fraud with absolutely no tangible evidence, Trump’s campaign manager Bill Stepien made a statement confirming that voters in these states made no fraudulent behavior. Using government assets to fund lawsuits, halting vote counts in several states, frequently rage Tweeting multiple times an hour about his disgust at the possibility of fraud (a rumor he himself started and putting off his now undeniable loss), Trump has created an America unlike ever before. 

With president-elect Joe Biden’s electoral votes now at a 306 to 232 majority, election security officials have stated, “There is no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes, or was in any way compromised”, debunking Trump’s allegations. 

After more than seventeen state and federal lawsuits, Georgia’s secretary of state has certified their official count deadline to November 20th, Michigan has turned down two lawsuits and has yet to schedule a hearing for the pending cases, a lawsuit against ballot-counting scanning machines is pending legitimacy in Nevada, court hearings have been occurring in Pennsylvania, and Trump is still forcing a recount in Wisconsin. In case anyone lost track, that makes nearly one-fifth of the United States currently being sued by their president.

 However, if 2020 has taught us anything, it is to expect everything to be wrong, but hope for the best, and under new leadership, I have hope for our country.