Pro-Trump Mobs Storm U.S. Capitol


AFP via Getty Images

Photo courtesy of CBS Pittsburgh

Chloe Elie

A day that began with the results of the Georgia senate run-off elections, resulting in the Democratic party gaining senate control, quickly turned to violence as thousands of President Trump’s supporters led a demonstration in Washington D.C.

Congress was ready Wednesday afternoon at the U.S. Capitol and set to ratify President-Elect Biden’s Electoral College win. At the same time, pro-Trump protestors fought and pushed past police in order to reach the entrance of the Capitol building, and mobs of protesters were able to successfully enter. As the Capitol was being breached, there was a woman shot inside. Many Americans find it more accurate to call protestors ‘anarchists attempting a coup’. 

“Trump is going down and he’s taking America with him,” says Ava Gronemeyer (‘23). “Blindsighted Trump supporters who are persuaded to believe the craziest things, like Trump not losing the election, are being further manipulated to go the extra mile and create more chaos,” says Gronemeyer. “Whether it’s his intention or not, that’s what he’s doing,” Gronemeyer adds. 

“Frankly, I wish I could say I’m surprised that something like this could happen on American soil,” says Ben Reznick (‘21). What happened in the Capitol building is simply the culmination of years of lies and incitement of violence from the President. Had President Trump accepted his electoral defeat against President-elect Biden, people would not have died today, and the people’s house would not have been compromised,” says Reznick.

President Trump, who was confirmed to have lost to President-Elect Biden, took to Twitter to speak on the events at the Capitol. “We had an election that was stolen from us, it was a landslide election, and everyone knows it,” Trump stated in a video he posted Wednesday afternoon. He continues the topic of his supporters breaching the Capitol as he advises “Go home, we love you, you’re very special, you’ve seen what happens.”

This is Trump giving a warm and loving message to his supporters in Washington, referring to the people being armed with guns, attacking others, preaching white supremacy and holding white power signs, flying both Confederate and Nazi flags in the air, and climbing the side of a building to breach. 

At this time, many Americans are impatiently waiting for January 20th, the day President-Elect Biden takes his inaugural oath as our 46th US president so we can finally put this chaos to an end and get to work. Pro-Trump Americans have to realize the election is over and this is a win for the Democrats for both the presidency and the senate. America is being more divided than united, and the events at the Capitol are just pure terrorism. 

Reznick shares, “At this point, I am waiting for January 20th, and waiting for a new era of American governance without conspiracy theories, hyper-partisanship, and blatant disregard for truth and decency.”