Viewpoint students and staff head back to school


Photo courtesy of Viewpoint School

Will Lashever, Article Contributor

After a year of online classes and being sheltered at home, Viewpoint students were finally able to get back into the classroom. A week before spring break, students were split into two groups: the red group and the blue group. Students were able to connect with each other and meet their teachers. 

Many seniors have been extremely anxious and excited to finish their senior year in person and all feel very fortunate to finally be back in the classroom. Senior Kayla Hamer said, “I just love being back on campus. Learning in the classroom with my teachers is such a better learning environment and experience.” 

Although going back to school in a hybrid setting was a step in the right direction, modifications and precautions are being set for even more of a normal high school experience. On April 26th, Viewpoint School will be going back at full capacity. Most high school students never thought that this day would come, but as this day approaches everyone is looking forward to coming together as a community again and returning to normalcy. Class lunches, interacting with teachers, and getting to see classmates every day is a privilege that students used to take for granted but are now so grateful for.

While there are just a few more weeks of the 2020-2021 school year, the whole Viewpoint community is looking forward to making the most out of the situation at hand. As a lifer, I have always envisioned the perfect senior year would play out. This past year has been really tough and filled with many disappointments, yet I could not be more overjoyed to make my last few memories at Viewpoint School with my classmates.

Viewpoint administration and faculty have worked so hard to accommodate their students and get us back to school safely, everyone could not be more excited to get back to campus.