My Homecoming Experience


Filipo Nadler, Staff Writer

On the first day of spirit week, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Is everybody dressed in funny and creative costumes, or does nobody care? My experience at my old school was that nobody really cared, so I didn’t expect the students to really go crazy. 

But after my first spirit week, I can say it was fun. Although not everybody was dressed in the according to dresscode every day, it was cool seeing some people making an effort. Also seeing the best outfits on the navy’s Instagram story was a highlight each day. I personally had some fun too thinking about funny outfits for the day.

As the weekend was approaching, the stress about having everything organized was increasing massively, until it reached its plain peak on Friday. Getting the tickets for the football game, doing the covid test for homecoming, buying an outfit for Friday and some other things all mixed together was apparently a really bad mix for most of the students, including myself. But after the capacity for the game was elevated and I had everything else organized, I was ready for the weekend. 

The first event was the Homecoming Football Game and I had a lot of fun cheering and seeing our team win. The mood on the stands was awesome, especially because I stood next to the Navy. After the first half, when it got pretty cold, I got a little uncomfortable on the stands, but luckily we could get a blanket. Additionally, the food trucks and stands were great and you really couldn’t leave the game hungry.

The next day, the homecoming dance was coming up. Being integrated into the American traditions of Homecoming pictures, and then going to the dance together was great and a really cool experience. The dance itself unfortunately was not my highlight. As the area was pretty big, it seemed like not many people were present and also the music wasn’t really to my taste. But obviously hanging around with friends was still possible and also some dancing wasn’t missing wasn’t excluded from the program. But unfortunately, it got a little cold again, which made the situation a little uncomfortable. 

All in all my homecoming week and the weekend experience was new to me, but I had a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to the next one.