Boys basketball state season begins with drama


Longxuan (Barry) Yao

Shortly after their inspiring CIF run, Varsity boys basketball commenced their state season by facing San Dieguito Academy in the first round of 2022 CIF Boys Basketball State Championship Division III, a game that attracted 175 supporters. The focus of the game was on how many points Viewpoint can score, and whether their defense can contain the attacks of San Dieguito. The game, it turns out was more dramatic than anyone could have imagined, and even more unpredictable.


In an exuberant fashion, first quarter, Viewpoint started the game by showing considerable attacking intent, scoring 7 in a trice, San Dieguito Academy responded with 4, but later caught up to Viewpoint after the home team changed the scoreboard to 11. San Dieguito would have the last say in the first quarter, scoring a three at the quarter-ending buzzer. The first quarter stood 19-14. 


Viewpoint continued their dominance in the second quarter as Junior Osiris Nalls scores a jump shot to extend Viewpont’s lead to 7 points. Later, Senior Caden Kundar’s three points made sure Viewpoint’s lead over San Dieguito is double-digit. Senior Andrew Klaey’s block in the last thirty seconds of the half encapsulated Viewpoint’s earlier performance while ensuring Viewpoint had a double-digit lead going into the second half. The half would come to 32-21.


It was not long since the start of the second half did San Dieguito capitalize on a counter-attack and Junior Giovanni Goree’s mistake, shortening Viewpoint’s lead to 7. Viewpoint’s lead gained from the first half would allow Viewpoint to stay in the game, but they were indeed threatened. Senior Andrew Younan’s free throw is unable to reverse San Dieguito’s momentum as the away team put in a jump shot to shorten Viewpoint lead to 4 points. Seconds later, San Dieguito’s layup cut the lead by half, and Junior Jordan Garrison’s foul handed Dieguito an opportunity to equalize, to which they gladly accepted. Andrew Klaey would later commit a foul, San Dieguito would complete a comeback from double digits down to lead by three points. Coach J.J. Prince was heard passionately motivating his players during a time-out. Goree’s three-point basket would ease the mind of the home fans as Viewpoint equalizes. The second half would begin with 38-38. 


The fourth quarter continued the third’s intensity, Viewpoint fans were delighted to witness Younan’s layup, alongside Osiris’s three-pointer which signaled Viewpoint’s continued dedication to full-on attack. San Dieguito’s numerous fouls gave Viewpoint ample opportunity to maintain and extend their lead. In fact, the biggest lead Viewpoint had in the quarter was 6 points. Gio’s free throw secured the win in this heavily contested game. Viewpoint would proceed into the second round with a score 64-59.


When asked about what happened in the third quarter, “We did not take care of the ball in the third quarter,” said J.J. Prince, speaking to the Patriot after the final buzzer. “It was difficult for us sometimes because many of our shots were not going in, unfortunately.” 


“We scored baskets when we shared the ball and took care of it; we need to find the right shot, you got to trust your players to make the right play.” 


Watching from the stands, senior Bianca Gomez spoke to the Patriot after the game. “Dubs, I was scared for a moment, especially during the third quarter. The girls won the CIF championship and the advancing in state, you couldn’t get anything better than this for Viewpoint.” 


Boys Basketball would face Bishop Diego in the second round of the state championship on March 3rd. “We have no time to celebrate, tomorrow will be practice, the day after tomorrow the same,” said Coach Prince. “It is all survive and advance, practice and practice, and repeat. I am looking forward to the game on Thursday, but we will take it step by step.” Caden Kundar commented in an after-game interview.

Survive and advance, fortunate and blessed tp have another opportunity.  Step by step, day by day. Most is 11 days.