Viewpoint changes its COVID Policy, effective March.14th


Longxuan (Barry) Yao

In an email addressing parents, students, and faculty, Viewpoint’s head of school Mr.Mark McKee informed the school community that Viewpoint school will change its COVID-19 policy, especially regarding masking indoor masking. The email focused on four subjects: Masking, Testing, Spring break, and Quarantine requirements.

“Beginning on Monday, March 14, masking indoors will no longer be required, but will be ‘strongly recommended.’ This includes classrooms, offices, libraries, dining and athletic facilities, and on buses.” McKee informs Viewpoint after the Los Angeles county announced that it will lift its indoor masking mandate, beginning March 12.

McKee also urged the community to “maintain respect for individual choices,” as students and faculties may choose to mask themselves due to “individual level of risk, risk tolerances, feelings, and preferences.” McKee also encouraged hygiene, stating that they play an essential part in “community health and safety.”

Viewpoint students will continue their scheduled Monday PCR test until March 21, regardless of their vaccination status. In replacement, Viewpoint will issue rapid antigen tests to substitute PCRs. “We will continue to use rapid antigen tests as needed to rule out the presence of virus for students or employees with observed symptoms and for those with positive cases within their families or close contacts,” McKee writes.

Students returning back on campus after spring break will be tested using rapid-antigen tests, which will be firstly distributed by Viewpoint school before the commencement of break. Students must complete their test within 24 hours of returning to campus on April 11, 2022. What is to be noted, though, is that the masking mandate will continue to be applied on public transportations.

Students or faculties who are tested positive must remain isolated for five days before an antigen test “clears” them. Viewpoint School will host a ZOOM meeting on March 14th at 7:30 PM to answer your questions about this policy change.


“We deeply appreciate all the support that you have shown during these long two years to keep our community safe.”