Viewpoint School announces Student Council Executive Board election


Viewpoint Upper School released the date for the upcoming Student Council Executive Board election

Longxuan (Barry) Yao, Editor-in-Chief

In an email sent out to the entire Viewpoint Upper School, Dr.Eric Steiger, the Upper School Dean of Students announced that the election for the upcoming Student Council Executive Board will be occurring on April 28th. The upcoming executive board election will mark the first of such after students returned to in-person-learning.

“This group of student leaders will be crucial for setting the overall agenda for the Student Council and making sure that student voices are heard throughout the year!” wrote Steiger in the email. Steiger became the Dean of all Upper Schoolers in the start of the 2021-2022 academic year, is in charge of supervising the Student Council, replacing Ms.Hilary Hunt, now the assistant head of upper school. “We would really love to see competitive races for each of the offices and energy from all of you to support the leaders who will help shape the next year in Viewpoint’s Upper School!”

The Executive Board is in charge of leading the rest of Student Council and grade-level officials. The board, which consists of the President, the Vice President, the Secretary, and the Treasurer meets with the administration weekly to communicate students concerns and need; it also hosts weekly student council meeting where the remaining council members (Elected at the start of the school year) will gather.

Steiger attached an intent-to-run form, which are required for individuals to run for the Executive Board. The form and draft of speeches are due via email ([email protected]) by 4:00P.M. for all candidates.