Grant Humphrey announces presidential bid


Upcoming Senior Grant Humphrey has announced his candidacy for Executive Board president.

Faith Spalding, Editor-In-Chief

Current Junior class President Grant Humphrey has announced his candidacy, running for President of the Upper School. Humphrey is “Greatly involved in student life, and I have much experience interfacing with the administration because of it,” adding in that he’s a second-degree blackbelt and about to go into eagle scouts, both activities he attributes his skills in negotiation and leadership.

Faculty-student discussion and dialogue are more important than ever, and Grant believes that “[He’s] fairly knowledgeable about the discussions between administrators and students and student attitudes towards school policies.” With avid involvement in Social Justice Leadership, Viewpoint’s Asian affinity group, and prior experience in student council, Humphrey feels that has allowed him to learn more about the wants and needs of the student body. “I believe that the best way to learn about interests is just by talking to people, which I am always doing because I genuinely care about what people have to say.” Humphrey also mentions his excellent rapport with the administration. He’s hoping that it would be their obligation to listen to him on behalf of the student community.

Most importantly, Humphrey’s incredibly interested in improving student life and spirit. “I believe school spirit is directly connected to the student experience. If you are happy with your student experience, you are more likely to support other students, become involved, and take pride in your school.” He seeks to further improve the “Viewpoint Student Experience,” complete with more pep rallies, more hype for the sports teams, noting Girls Varsity Basketball’s monumental victory this yearwith ideas in the making for securing partnerships with local businesses to get discounts for students and improving the food at school. He has this mapped out, even considering the logistics of securing better student funding with a percentage of the profits. “I want to get partnerships with local businesses and dramatically expand the student council to have a full financial audits team, a media and spirit team to better distribute information, and a polling and data team to know what all of you want.”

Grant most desires to be president of the executive board because it would allow him “to fulfill my goal of improving our student experience for all of us.” And as he says, “Get the Hump over with Humphrey!”