Joey Wan announces vice presidential bid


Incumbent class-vice President Joey Wan announces her candidacy for Executive Board Vice President

Longxuan (Barry) Yao, Editor-In-Chief

The soon-to-be senior Joey Wan (23′) has announced that she will contest in the 2022-2023 Student Council Executive Board Vice Presidential race. Wan will compete with Jessica Cao, an incoming junior, for the second-in-charge. In an email interview with The Patriot, Joey Wan succinctly suggested that she would use her experience to further students’ interests as a board member.

Currently the 11 grade Vice President, Wan, is looking forward to “making more proposals become a reality.” Over the course of her grade-vice president term, Joey Wan has served on the winter homecoming committee, planning the logistics of the dance and numerous student events with the administration. 

Wan also admits that problems are to be solved, “we would love to see more chairs on the plaza,” Wan says, “I want to see more socializing because this could increase school spirit and student engagement.” Wan says that she can address more problems if she has a seat on the Executive Board, “that is why I’m running, to solve problems.”

Wan believes that a greater amount of Student Council transparency is conducive to its goal of receiving a greater amount of support from the students, “I am going to take more advice from students,” says the junior. As an incoming senior, Wan is looking ahead to the opportunity her leading the student body as the community fully finishes its transition from online to in-person. 

Joey Wan will present her candidacy to the entire high school community on April 28th, the day of the Executive Board election. Wan will speak to upper-level students in a platform that resembles the first time Viewpoint School has conducted such an assembly after return-on-campus teaching. 

If elected, Wan will replace the incumbent Vice President Barry Yao, who will depart from his position at the end of this year.