Incoming Freshman Sadie Kieffer announces candidacy for Secretary


Incoming freshman Sadie Kieffer announces her candidacy for Executive Board Secretary

Longxuan (Barry) Yao, Editor-In-Chief

“Vote Sadie Kieffer for Secretary. Help me get to the room where it happens.”

The upcoming freshman Sadie Kieffer (26’) has announced that she will contest for the position of Executive Board Secretary for 2022-2023. In an email conducted with the Patriot, Sadie Kieffer is confident that she will execute the job proficiently.

“I think it suits me because I have typing and writing skills, and I just want to be helpful to the rest of the student council,” writes the now eighth-grader.

Replacing incumbent Secretary Naomi Engle, student voters have called for candidates familiar with school policy. “I know school policy pretty well,” says Kieffer, “although I’m not quite sure about the discussions between staff and students in high school because I’ve never taken part in one.” Despite the lack of experience, Kieffer is looking forward to broadening her knowledge about upper school student affairs, believing that the secretary position would allow her to meet with more people and learn more about Viewpoint Upper School. 

Transitioning from Middle School to Upper School, Sadie is excited to be representing high schoolers in discussions with the administration, “The thing I would most want to say to the Student body is that though I’ve been in the Middle school student council six different times, I’m so excited to be a part of new experiences.”

Sadie Kieffer will present her candidacy to the entire high school community on April 28th, the day of the Executive Board election. Kieffer will speak to upper-level students in a platform that resembles the first time Viewpoint School has conducted such an assembly after return-on-campus teaching, “[I want to] be someone you can depend on, and make this school a better place.”

If elected, Kieffer will replace the incumbent Secretary Naomi, who has announced that she will not seek reelection to the Executive Board.