Incoming freshman Rachel Huang announces her candidacy for Secretary


Incoming Freshman Rachel Huang announces candidacy for Executive Board Secretary.

Longxuan (Barry) Yao, Editor-In-Chief

“You can count on me!”

Eighth-grade student Rachel Huang (26’) has announced that she will be running for Secretary on the Executive board. In an interview with Huang over email, Huang shows that she is enthusiastic about the Upper school student council and its responsibilities.

“Viewpoint is an amazing school filled with talented and interesting students. I love this warm, dynamic, and diverse community,” Huang writes, saying that she is ever-present in student-organized events and clubs, “I’ve been highly involved in school activities. You can find me almost everywhere: in a theater play, in a music concert, in a patriot podcast episode, in debate club, in school ambassador meetings, at art festivals, at spelling bees, at the all-school convocation, on the diversity leadership day, and most importantly of course, in student council.”

Currently a senator in 8th grade, Huang has served as a class officer in her sixth and seventh grades, and was very involved with school policy and student engagement, “I did tons of things to enrich our campus life. I’ve worked with many students, teachers and staff to solve problems, propose new ideas, plan social gatherings, and organize fun activities.”

Huang says that she is “open-minded, flexible, easygoing, resilient and optimistic,” expressing her passion for helping fellow students and serving the student community from the position of Secretary. “[I believe that]Student council’s mission is to connect us and create the most wonderful memories for our school life. We should be supporting each other in this tight-knit community.” Huang believes that she can insert her optimism into next year’s executive board, encouraging students to communicate with the council. 

“Communication is very important. I like interacting with people. I’m a patient listener and a prompt doer,” writes Huang.

Huang will present her candidacy to the entire high school community on April 28th, the day of the Executive Board election. Huang will speak to upper-level students in a platform that resembles the first time Viewpoint School has conducted such an assembly after return-on-campus teaching, “Together, we will achieve incredible goals we never thought possible.”

If elected, Rachel will replace the incumbent Secretary Naomi Engle, who has announced that she will not seek reelection to the Executive Board.