Lena Schulze to run for Treasurer in uncontested race


Junior Lena Schulze to run for Treasurer in uncontested race.

Longxuan (Barry) Yao, Editor-In-Chief

“Let’s make change!”

In an emailed interview with the Patriot, the upcoming senior Lena Schulze (23’) has announced that she will be running for the position of Executive Board Treasurer for 2022-2023. Schulze will be running unopposed as the only candidate for treasurer. 

“I’m running for treasurer. I feel this position suits me because I handle the finances for my family business and am confident balancing a budget.” Schulze will replace the incumbent treasurer Jack Fasching (23’) to manage the finances of the student council, which often sees expenditures through winter formal, homecoming, and other student events. 

But, Schulze believes that she can bring more than just balancing the budget, “I’m very familiar with the policies of Viewpoint as we often debated them in my speech and debate class. I think the issue I would tackle first would be inadequate materials in the student center,” writes Schulze as she lays out her concerns potential problems to address. 

“We don’t have chargers, paper, pens, or any resources that many students need to complete their work.”

Lena also wants to see the school’s retention rate to increase, “especially among students of color,” and believes that the Student Council should be more transparent and be able to “keep its promise to the students.”

Schulze believes that her presence on the Executive Board, which leads the rest of the Student Council, will make Viewpoint a better place as she “promise[s] to be your voice on the executive student council.”

Lena Schulze will present her candidacy to the entire high school community on April 28th, the day of the Executive Board election. Schulze will speak to upper-level students in a platform that resembles the first time Viewpoint School has conducted such an assembly after return-on-campus teaching. 

Schulze will replace the incumbent Treasurer Jack Fasching, who has announced that he will not seek reelection to the Executive Board.