Arts Fest returns to Viewpoint after pandemic hiatus


On April 30th, Viewpoint School hosted its annual Arts Fest after two years of pandemic hiatus.

Naomi Engle, Staff Writer

In a dazzling return from its pandemic hiatus, Viewpoint School hosted the annual Arts Fest on April 30th, on campus.  The event saw works from Middle and Upper School students, who displayed music, film, and arts for the many visitors in attendance.  Reporters from the Patriot attended to observe the impressive displays put on by students.

The festival began at 2:00 PM with Upper School Orchestra and Middle School Vocal Ensemble performing selections from their semester repertoire.  Viewpoint Theatre took to the stage and presented performances from the US musical, Cinderella, the MS fall play, Much Ado About Will, the Dance Company’s spring concert, and the upcoming MS musical, Descendants.  These events rotated in short time slots throughout the campus, including locations such as the Ecolet and the PFAC. There were also day-long installations, like a chalk mural at the US Plaza that visitors were invited to contribute to, and a visual arts gallery in the BBT.

Student filmmakers especially got to show off their skills, promoting films made in and out of class at the festival.  Two student-led films, Hardcore and Sole Searching, are expected to premiere soon, while shorts made by students in Middle School and Film I played on monitors placed throughout the festival.  The Arts Fest also sees the newly formed documentary class showcase their works to an audience. The Patriot spoke to one of these students, Julian Romano (‘22), about what this meant to him.  “You know, so much effort and time goes into these pieces and, you know, with most art, it’s usually a reflection of yourself and what you think, and your perspective of things.  So being able to share that with everyone, finally, in person, felt great, and I’m so happy about that,” he said.

Another highlight of the festival was the impressive performances put on by musicians in both Middle and Upper School.  A standout was the closing performance of Arts Fest, a thirty-minute selection of work from the US Jazz Ensemble.  Timmy Hill (‘22), who’s been playing the bass since fifth grade, commented on his enjoyment of participating in Arts Fest.  “It’s pretty fun, especially the fact that you can kinda make the whole day out of it, like you could go down and do whatever, movies, there’s whatever you want…it kinda caters towards everyone.”  The Ecolet was filled with energy from parents, faculty, and students alike as the Jazz Ensemble closed out the night, playing three songs and featuring several soloists, including Timmy.  Then the festival was over and participants left to wander out, still snacking on leftover burgers and snow cones from the two food trucks parked by the Middle School.

The return of the festival after two years is a joyous event that, along with many others, marks the return of in-person activities to campus.  Head of School, Mark McKee, was in attendance, observing the displays.  “I am filled with joy and pride to see the talent on display of every member of our arts community in our Middle and Upper Schools.  It’s a beautiful setting for really seeing the works that students have been doing all year long and to enjoy it as a family, both students’ families and our bigger Viewpoint families,” he commented to the Patriot.  With the success of this year’s event and the current state of the pandemic, Viewpoint school is looking forward to host its annual Arts fest again next year, as well as many other opportunities for the school’s arts community to showcase their talents.