Viewpoint students decide Student Council lineup


Viewpoint School releases its brand-new line up

Longxuan (Barry) Yao, Editor-In-Chief

Viewpoint School students have decided on their Student Council Executive Board composition, according to the official communique from the Viewpoint School administration, Max Wiseman has been elected to the office of the Presidency alongside Jessica Cao, who will serve as the Vice President, Rachel will serve as the Executive Board Secretary, and Lena Schulze as Treasurer.

“It was a ‘clear’ race,” says the Dean of Upper School Dr. Eric Steiger. This year’s Presidential race saw no ranoff election occur, despite seeing four candidates campaigning simultaneously: the winner can only be announced when a candidate has reached a majority of vote. Max Wiseman will replace the incumbent President H.H. Landau as the next leader of the Student Council, beating other three candidates: Grant Humphrey, Bobby Morrow, and Violet Kaltman. Wiseman’s swear-in ceremony will be coordinated at the end of the semester to secure a smooth transition of power, incumbent Vice President Barry Yao comments to the Patriot.

The office of the Vice Presidency sees Jessica Cao beat Joey Wan, who will serve alongside Max Wiseman to lead the second student council since the beginning of the COVID pandemic. Cao will replace departing senior Barry Yao as Vice President. “I congratulate Jessica Cao as Vice President-elect, I am looking forward to transfer the experience to Cao and congratulate the rest of members-elect.”

The intrigue comes as incoming freshman Rachel Huang beat Nicholas Silver and Sadie Kieffer to be elected to the Secretary position, replacing Naomi Engle. Huang will become the youngest members of the 2022-2023 Executive Board. Huang won a plurality of vote in her respective race; whereas Lena Schulze, who will serve as the next treasurer campaign unopposed.

“We are very happy that we get to release the result of this year’s election, this year’s election was a competitive one but yielded a clear result, we are looking forward to work with the new board in the upcoming school year,” says assistant head of upper school Hilary Hunt.

The new board will meet with the incumbent board during Wednesday’s student council meeting.