Lenga’s visit to Viewpoint canceled


In a last minute reversal, the highly anticipated speaker David Lenga cancels his visit to Viewpoint

Longxuan (Barry) Yao, Editor-In-Chief

The highly expected holocaust survivor and guest speaker, David Lenga, was set to return to Viewpoint to talk to students on May.24th. However, in a public email sent to students from the head of Upper School, Alan Howie notified the students that Lenga will cancel his visit on the 24th because of illness.
“I am sorry to report that Mr. Lenga is not feeling well this morning and had to cancel today’s visit,” writes Howie in the email. The speaker’s visit was highly anticipated due to Lenga’s inability to finish his story and was “cut off” by the school during his speech.

Howie’s email to students announcing Lenga will not return on the predetermined date.

“I passed on the best wishes of each [of] you, hoping for a full and speedy recovery. I will reach back out to Mr.Lenga to see if there might still be a time for us all to meet him before this year ends.”
Whether David Lenga will return to Viewpoint is unconfirmed, the Patriot will provide updates on the story.