Editor’s letter to readers


Barry Yao’s letter to readers

Longxuan (Barry) Yao, Editor-In-Chief

Dear readers,

As I write down these words, images of me first joining the papers flashes before my eyes. The Patriot three years ago was in a state of transition, as it had just introduced its online website and abandoned its print format. The Patriot faced severe coverage shortages: a highly-esteemed student publication had only a few students contributing, and despite their incredibly discernible adeptness in writing, none were consistent article producers. We also faced the significant challenge of staff shortage. The two problems, combined with online schooling, have pushed the paper into a state of anonymity where readership was at its all-time low.

Three years later, the Patriot is deservedly on its way to returning as a publication with a high profile. With stories published weekly in tremendous quantity and quality, and due to their accessibility, students and faculties have rewarded our effort by subscribing to our publication. Our readers – you – have shown that our work in this field has been worth it, and I am beyond grateful for such generosities. In retrospect, I must conclude that it has been an immense pleasure to have led the Patriot for the past two years and contributed to it for the past three.

I am privileged to have worked with all students who have submitted their articles to us, both as contributors and as staff writers; I am proud to have interviewed countless people in this community, from students to administrators; I am honored to have supplemented Viewpoint School’s diversity by bestowing my talent, as a journalist and as a student. I am thankful to have the support of my classmates and newspaper teammates; I am delighted to have witnessed this outstanding student publication and institution grow; I am buoyant that this paper will continue to flourish by fulfilling its fundamental obligation – to provide the community with reliable information and thought-provoking opinions.

Just like returning students repopulate the campus with vivacity, the Patriot will continue to serve as a place where peoples’ passion for truth and free speech are uninhibitedly presented.

Readers, as my editorship ends, I have never been more optimistic about the Patriot’s future. It is a paper with incalculable potential because it will be attended to by people with incredible talent and enthusiasm, two of the most fundamental elements that sustain a publication like ours. Thereby, I am pleased to announce that current Co-Editor Faith Spalding and Staff Writer Madilyn Palosi will lead the paper next year; please support their work as you have done so for the past three years. Go! Go! Patriots and the fourth estate.

Most sincerely yours,
Editor-In-Chief Barry Yao