A Letter From The Editor

Faith Spalding, Editor-In-Chief

Letter from the Editor: 

As we are welcoming students back to the Viewpoint Community, I want to share how excited I am for this school year, and the progress our paper will continue to make. Although only the second week back on campus, Viewpoint is buzzing with excitement. Our incredible Navy is bringing school spirit back stronger than ever, Ninth Grade left for their retreat today, and Seniors are knee-deep in college applications. First of all, I want to extend my thanks to my predecessor and co-Editor last year, Barry Yao, for his outstanding contributions and dedication to the paper, much of which I hope to carry forward with me. Over the past year, Barry and I have worked to build up the Patriot, both within our Staff and to increase viewership. I hope to continue his tremendous efforts, which brought The Patriot from an obscure, rarely frequented paper and program, to a consistent, quality paper. However, we have to remember that the past three years, the entirety of my high school career, have been anything but normal. A global pandemic set back incredible amounts of progress, created an unthinkable amount of social changes, and our education took a two year setback. -Yet we’re back in full force for what seems like the first time. This year, The Patriot will strive to reach new heights, producing stellar, consistent, thought provoking content both focused on our Viewpoint community, and the world around us. With our goal to produce quality writing and consistent publications, the team and I are so  excited and grateful for this opportunity to bring The Patriot and Viewpoint’s journalism department to even greater levels. 

Sincerely Yours, 

Faith Spalding, Editor in Chief