Interesting activities to liven up your summer break

Jordan Nadolenco, Opinion Editor

With AP and final exams fast approaching, Viewpoint students are looking towards the light at the end of the tunnel of the school year, and starting to make their summer plans. Some people have secured internships or summer programs at colleges, some people are going on vacation and planning to forget about school for a little bit, and some people haven’t even begun to think about it. You don’t even need to go out of town to have fun or be productive on summer break. There are plenty of local and affordable options close to home you can use to make the most of your Spring Break.

Road Trip: Most Viewpoint students have probably never actually seen the vast majority of all California has to offer. Whether you take a trip with a group of friends or your family, California has many wonders just miles from home. Places like Hollywood, Santa Monica, Palm Desert, Solvang, and even as far as San Francisco are interesting places to visit if you have a few days to spend away from home.

Activities in L.A.: There are plenty of places to visit in Los Angeles, just a few miles outside of the “Calabasas bubble.” As the cold weather fades, people take to the beach. It can be as simple as getting a group of friends together and planning a beach day. Tourist attractions include the Santa Monica Boardwalk, Pier, and more. Although the lines may be long, especially during break, California has tons of amusement parks like Disneyland, Six Flags Magic Mountain, and Universal Studios. Universal City Walk is also a fun place to have dinner with friends. The Getty Villa just off of PCH is also a good place to visit for those looking for a more intellectual outing.  

Local College Tours: Just hours from Calabasas are hundreds of colleges. No matter what grade you are in, getting out and visiting schools could be a good way to start solidifying your college list. The UC System (UCLA, UCSB, UC Irvine, etc..), USC, Cal State schools, Claremont Colleges, and many others are close and can help give you a sense of what you like and dislike in a college. Exploring the beautiful campuses can also get you excited for college.

Viewpoint Activities: For those wanting to focus on the future during summer break, Viewpoint offers some interesting ways to enrich your break. For all high school students, Camp Roadrunner is a chance to work for a few weeks over the summer and make decent pay. Many fall sports teams also begin training before school is in session. Certain credit courses can also be taken over summer to reduce students’ workloads for the school year. Art, theater, and technology classes are also offered for those interested. For incoming seniors who are preparing for the college applications approaching in the fall, there are preparation courses for those who want to be prepared for the year ahead.