Viewpoint hosts annual Field Day

Sela Diab, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Viewpoint held its annual Field Day assembly on Friday, May 3. Field Day is a pep rally held for the Upper School students put on by the Student Council. The assembly took place on the Ring Family Field, and 15 students from each grade volunteered to play the game that was held, which was Capture the Flag.

While students watched their fellow classmates compete, snacks including popsicles and churros were passed out by Student Council members. The freshmen class played against the seniors, and the sophomores competed with the juniors. Five girls, five boys, and five random players made up the teams for each grade level, and each class dressed in their spirit color. Freshman dressed in white, sophomores wore blue, juniors wore red, and the seniors dressed in their chosen black and yellow attire.

Field Day is an assembly meant to gear towards spirit from the different grade levels by having them cheer on their classmates during capture the flag, and represent their grade through their class color. This pep seems to excite the students, since churros and popsicles were all gone and most of the students cheered loudly during the game.

“I love field day because is one of the few times the entire high school can all get together for a relaxing and fun time,” Lucia Reynolds (’20) said.