Gun Violence in America

Gun Violence in America

November 18, 2019

Why Vote?

Lauren Tepper, Staff Writer

October 10, 2019

JSA held a pre-registration to vote as part of National Voter Registration Week, open to students 16 or older. Voting is a tool that allows every citizen to make their voices heard. Our country was founded on the principles o...

Viewpoint students’ refusal to listen to viewpoints

Amanda Swartz, Interview Editor

March 18, 2019

At Viewpoint, it is common to see students in the hallway disagreeing about topics ranging from homework assignments to politics. But as students communicate with one another, they seem not to be listening to their counterparts...

Student stress is the fault of colleges’ high expectations, not high school classes

Heather Holm, Staff Writer

March 13, 2019

 You come home after a long day of school around 4, you take a 30 minute break, do some homework, eat dinner, go to sports practice, take a shower, finish your homework, and study for a test. By the time you are done it is aro...