How technology has connected me during COVID-19


Evin Nesburn, Editor-in-Chief

In the midst of a global pandemic, it seems like families and friends around the world are more connected than ever. While COVID-19 has physically separated us from our friends and extended family, the power of technology has continued to connect us.

I regularly talk on FaceTime with friends, but have never tried Zoom before the outbreak. Signing onto my first online class two Wednesdays ago, I was amazed at how easy it was to talk with classmates and teachers. While it definitely did not beat face-to-face interaction, I still felt the sense of connectivity that is present in the classroom.

Netflix Party is another popular app that allows friends to chat while simultaneously streaming TV shows and movies. Photo courtesy of Fatherly.


I have taken Zoom beyond classroom meetings and have incorporated it into my daily life. I now use Zoom to connect with my family across the country. I’ve had family “dinner parties” over Zoom and have shared countless laughs through a computer screen. COVID-19 has reminded me of the importance of family; before the pandemic, I did not talk with my family as regularly as I do now. During this time, I have called my family members almost everyday and our family group chat is constantly buzzing. This sense of connectivity across the country with loved ones is something that was missing from my life before; now this pandemic has made me understand the importance of keeping in touch with my loved ones.

In addition to connecting with my family more regularly, I’ve felt a closer connection to my friends. Since we are all going through the same circumstance, there is a sense of mutual support. Through Netflix Party, Zoom, and FaceTime, my friends and I have stayed just as connected as before. I have even seen friend groups drive past people’s houses on their birthdays with balloons and gifts to show their friends how much they mean to them or make picnic circles 6 feet apart in their cars. These are all ways in which our generation has shown the care and support we have for each other.

While this sense of staying apart while still connecting together does not equate to actually seeing others in person, it shows the power of technology in connecting all generations in any place. COVID-19 reminds me of the importance of connection with my loved ones. From my grandparents to my cousins to my aunts and uncles, talking with them through this time has meant the world to me. Having a support system that you can connect with easily through technology has made this time more manageable and has brought a sense of comfort in such an uncertain situation.

I hope that you too take advantage of the technology we have at our fingertips and stay connected with your loved ones. I guarantee it’ll mean more to them than you’d ever think. In addition, utilize these online resources to talk to friends and build up a support system. In an age of such uncertainty, technology has helped me more than I ever could imagine.