Valentines Day: ~The Day of Love~

Valentines Day: ~The Day of Love~

Lily Brown, Staff Writer

Valentine’s day is one of the most coveted holidays for couples. The very first valentines day arose in 496 AD and was originally part of Ancient Roman culture. Since then, the old tradition has stuck and for many people, it is one of their favorite days of the year. Even though the holiday is universally celebrated, there is a vast difference in the way that certain countries celebrate. For example, Paris (known as the city of love) is heard to be called the capital of Valentines Day. As well as Spain, where they spend their day of love on the 9th of october every year. 

As we brought up the question of concepts that provide a stable relationship, Viewpoint students provided us with several responses. A unanimous answer was trust and loyalty, as it plays a big role in being in a relationship that thrives. Having open communication is a key aspect in creating a safe and healthy environment. Although trusting your partner is important, an aspect people leave out of their relationships is boundaries. Most people believe that relationships should leave their guard done and fully be one of your partners, which is true. However, setting useful boundaries is a great way to ensure your personal space and comfortability levels as well. By letting your partner know your own wants and needs, it is another example of letting your guard down. -Just like the saying, honesty is the best policy. If you can’t be completely honest with your partner about your role in the relationship or your opinion, maybe it’s not the right relationship for the moment. 

Other than celebrating the actual Valentine’s day, people love receiving the gifts that follow with the holiday. The most common presents that are given throughout the day are flowers, stuffed animals (bears, hearts etc.), chocolate, and more. However, if you ever want to make anything homemade here are some ideas:


  1. Note Jar
    1. To make a note jar, find a clear jar with a top to put your notes in
    2. Get a piece of paper and cut into several mini strips
    3. Next, some ideas you can use to write on the strips are compliments, memories or inside jokes 
    4. Finally, fill your jar to the top with strips and you’re done! Now, your partner has a personalized gift that they can cherish for a while.
  2. Scavenger Hunt
    1. To plan a scavenger hunt, decide what will be the prize once your partner has completed the scavenger
    2. From the prize, you can choose the route which your partner will have to follow
    3. (To make it more fun, you can add tasks for the person to do while completing the route)
    4. After, choose a location for your partner to start the hunt and you’re done! Make sure to take many photos as it will be a funny memory.
  3. Cookies
    1. When doing this activity, my personal preference is to buy already made plain cookies from the store, but if you want to go all out you can make them from scratch. One con with making the cookies, is you will have to wait for the cookies to cook as well as wait for them to cool before decorating.
    2. If you buy cookies from the store, you can also buy different types of decorations.
    3. Now with all your supplies, you can surprise your partner with cookie decorating.